Transportation of Cargo 200

Cargo 200 transportation by air

If it is necessary to transport remains of deceased to other city by air,   “Cargo 200” transportation is allowed on request and obligatory coordination with airline.

The list of accompanying documents at registration of “Cargo 200” transportation by air:

1) An identification card of deceased (notarized copy);

2) The conclusion of medical institution about a cause of death ( issued in Public Service Center);

3) The reference permission on transportation from local sanitary and epidemiologic station (in place of death )

4) Health certificate on embalming;

5) Act of  galvanized coffin sealing and absence of another things  (signature of representatives of bodies of executive local government, police).


At transporting of deceased  by air, remains should be placed in a zinc-plated, hermetically sealed coffin, filled with a substance absorbing moisture inside. Metal coffin is placed in wooden nailed container for transporting in baggage compartment.

Dimensions of the wooden container must not exceed:

Width – 750 mm height – 600 mm, length – 1900 mm.

Depending on various factors (specifics of the remains, point of destination (the RoK, CIS and Far Abroad, etc.) where remains must be delivered etc.) additional procedures may occur, in this regard the above-indicated list of documents may not be sufficient. For more information on the organization and transportation of human remains, refer to the following contacts of transport and logistics companies. Transportation cost in different companies may differ significantly. Before making a choice in favor of any company, please specify preliminary the cost and conditions in the following companies:

Contact person – Kim Dmitriy  –     +7 –702–131 34 23 (24H)

Contact person –Nysanbayev Erlan  – +7- 702-853 77 58 (24H)

Name of Company Contacts Adress
1 ЕurAsiaTransit (ЕАТ) LLP

тел. +7 71 72 28 60 11,

+7 71 72 28 60 12



Airport, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan,
2 Asia Freight LLP

тел +7 7172 57 35 90,

+7 7172 24 24 17



22- Kabanbay Batyr str., Airport, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan,



тел +7 7172 29 66 61,

ф. +7 7172 29 66 67


010012, 14-room,4/2 Kobda str., Zhelezodorozhny town, Astana, the Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana,