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Are there lounges for comfortable staying? What is the cost of the services of the VIP-lounge?

Airport offers handling of passengers in the CIP/VIP Lounges and international flights. CIP/VIP lounges for passengers are located separately and isolated from other premises of passenger terminal complex where you will be able to have a rest with comfort on soft divans. Here VIP-passengers can be registered on domestic and international flights, customs and passport control. At an arrival you will be met by personnel of the airport on separate transport. The lounge for VIP-passengers offers the following services:

  1. Round-the-clock reception of advance requests for handling passengers
  2. Express check-in of air tickets, registration of baggage
  3. A meeting and boarding of passengers from/in the aircraft
  4. Meeting and boarding by separate transport 
  5. Delivery of baggage and hand luggage to/from the aircraft
  6. Rest in departure lounge
  7. Passing of passport and customs control no waiting in line

The bar services are paid additionally. Cost of the service is:

– 1 adult passenger service in VIP zone including services and bar lounge service – 50 000 tenge (without VAT);
– service of 1 adult departing passenger in the VIP zone, not including services and service of the bar lounge – 38,392.86 tenge (without VAT);
– service of 1 departing child from 7 to 15 years in the VIP zone including services and service of the lounge bar – 25 000 tenge (without VAT, 50% of the basic tariff);
– servicing of 1 departing child from 7 to 15 years in the VIP zone, not including services and service of the bar lounge – 19 196,43 tenge (without VAT);
– service of 1 adult arriving passenger in the VIP zone – 30 000 tenge (without VAT);
– 1 child arriving from 7 to 15 years in the VIP zone – 15 000 tenge (without VAT, 50% of the basic tariff);

Bar Services are paid additionally. The cost of service makes:

—  service of 1 adult departing passenger in the CIP zone — 15 000 tenge (included VAT);

— servicing of 1 departing child from 7 to 15 years in the CIP zone (included VAT, 50% of a standard rate);

—  service of 1 adult arriving passenger in the CIP zone— 10 000 tenge (included VAT);

—  1 child arriving from 7 to 15 years in the CIP zone — 5 000 tenge (included VAT, 50% of a standard rate).

For using the services of VIP – lounge, it is necessary to make an order by phone 777-108, 777-725 or by e-mail or to sign the contract for VIP-service (for legal entities). Applications for VIP-service are accepted round the clock. 

The bar services are paid additionally. Cost of the service is:

– service of 1 adult departing passenger in the Business Aviation Terminal  – 49 107, 14 tenge (without VAT);
– service of 1 departing child from 7 to 15 years in the Business Aviation Terminal – 24 553 tenge (without VAT);
– service of 1 adult arriving passenger in the Business Aviation Terminal  – 31 250 tenge (without VAT);
– 1 child arriving from 7 to 15 years in the Business Aviation Terminal  – 15 625 tenge (without VAT).

Are there self-check-in desks at the airport?

There are self – check-in desks for passengers of Air Astana.

How can I organize transportation of human remains by air transport?

Transportation of «Cargo 200» by air transport:

If it is necessary to transport human remains to another city by air,   “Cargo 200” transportation is allowed on request and obligatory coordination with airline.

The list of accompanying documents at registration of “Cargo 200” transportation by air:

1) An identification card of deceased (notarized copy);

2) The conclusion of medical institution about a cause of death (issued in Public Service Center);

3) The reference permission on transportation from local sanitary and epidemiologic station (in a death place) 

4) Health certificate on embalming;  

5) Act of galvanized coffin sealing and absence of foreign objects (signature of representatives of bodies of executive local government, police).


At transporting human remains by air, remains should be placed in a zinc-plated, hermetically sealed coffin, filled with substance absorbing moisture inside. Metal coffin is placed in wooden nailed container for transporting in baggage compartment.

Dimensions of the wooden container must not exceed:

Width – 750 mm, height – 600 mm, length – 1900 mm.

Depending on various factors (specifics of the remains, point of destination (the RoK, CIS and Far Abroad, etc.) where it is necessary to deliver Cargo 200 etc.)  Additional procedures may occur. In this regard indicated above list of documents is not complete. For more information on the organization and transportation of cargo 200 refer to the following contacts, transport and logistics companies. Transportation cost in different companies may differ significantly. Before you make a choice in favor of any company, please specify preliminary the cost and conditions in the following companies:


Name of Company Contacts: Address:
1 LLP ЕurAsiaTransit (ЕАТ)

Tel: +7 71 72 28 60 11,

+7 71 72 28 60 12


official site:

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana Airport,
2 LLP «Asia Freight»

Tel: +7 7172 57 35 90,

+7 7172 24 24 17


Official site:

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana Airport, Kabanbay Batyr Avenue 22



Tel: +7 7172 29 66 61,

Fax: +7 7172 29 66 67

official site:

Republic of Kazakhstan, Astana,

Zheleznodorozhnyi Vill, Kobda, 4/2 buiding, office14, 010012


How can I send documents/correspondence to another city?

For sending documents/correspondence, you can contact to co-mail delivery: Air Astana: +7 7172 28 64 78, Scat: +7 7172 28 65 40, Bek Air: +7 7172 28 65 39

How much do you charge for services of left luggage?

Price of left luggage of one place pays for calendar day – from the moment of registration till 24 o’clock of the same day, cost is 680 tenge.

How to travel with animals?

On this issue, you may address a Deportment of veterinary-sanitary borders and transport control and supervision, phone number: +7 (71 72) 32-77-19, international post «Airport », tel: +7 (71 72)  28-65-12

I accidentally picked up somebody’s baggage, what should I do next?

Address lost and found agent.

I am flying abroad with an infant, who may need medicines and child nutrition during the flight. May I put them into hand luggage?

According to Annex 9 of the Instruction (program) of the Aviation Safety of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, carrying medicines, baby milk (nutrition) for meeting special dietary or other medical needs required during the flight in hand luggage is provided as exception for passengers with children. In order to confirm the LAGs (liquids, aerosols, gels) as vital medicines at the airport security check point,  passenger must provide doctor’s prescription (recipe), issued to him/her, or to a child with the surname shown thereon (the surname in the prescription should correspond to the surname in boarding pass). Prescription must be certified by a signature and seal of a doctor. Passenger must provide get comprehensive information about the nature of this medicine, describe why it is considered vital, dosage and frequency of administration required during the flight. passenger is allowed to transport medicines in  cabin only upon receipt of necessary information. 

On this issue, you must receive consultation of Passport Control Service, phone number: +7 7172 71 95 10, as well as of air carrier, whose service you are planning to use.

Is there mother-and-child room at the airport?

There is mother-and-child room for passengers with children at the airport. Mother-and-child room is intended for children under 5 years accompanied by one of parents. Mother-and-child rooms are located in domestic and international lounges of a departure, and also in departure lounge.

Is there parking at the airport? Is there payment for parking? Where can I know the cost of parking services? Where are the payment terminals?

There is an open paid parking for transport at the Airport, costs make free of charge till 30 minutes, 300 KZT  from 30 minutes till 1 hour, for 2 hours – 400 tenge, for 3 hours – 600 tenge, more than 4 hours to 24 hours – 2 500 t, for every subsequent day – 2 500 t. Also for your convenience there is covered parking, parking cost till Up to 12 hours – 1 400 t, from 12 hours to 24 hours – 2 000 t, for every subsequent day – 1 800 tenge. 

My baggage is damaged, what should I do next?

You need to invite lost and found agent, for drawing a relevant claim, without leaving arrivals hall.

What can I take on board aircraft?

Items, forbidden for transportation in hand luggage:

  1. Explosive: gunpowder, grenades, petards, Bengal fires, patron
  2. Radioactive
  3. Narcotic drug
  4. Compressed gases: aerosol, spray
  5. Flammable liquids: acetone, gasoline, spirit-alcohol
  6. Flammable solid substances: potassium, sodium, phosphorus, peroxides
  7. Poisonous: mercury, all salts of cyanide, arsenic trioxide
  8. Bladed articles: needles, syringes, forks, knives, scissors and etc.
  9. Imitating weapons
  10. All types of firearms
  11. Objects with the blunted ends: baseball willows, croquet, billiard-cues, golf mashies, oars, skateboards.
  12. Accumulator batteries, lithium battery, also scooters, blisks on lithium batteries.
  13. Carbonic Ice
  14. Liquids in containers with a capacity more than 100 ml.

Items, forbidden for transportation in the baggage:

  1. Explosives: gunpowder, grenades, fireworks, Bengal fires, ammunition, mines and shells
  2. Radioactive substances
  3. Drugs
  4. Compressed gases
  5. Highly flammable fluids: acetone, gasoline, spirit
  6. Solid inflammable substances: potassium, sodium, phosphorus, peroxides
  7. Poisonous: mercury, all hydrocyanic acid salts, arsenic trioxide
  8. Firearms without documents.

For transporting firearms, permits are necessary. Upon arrival to the airport, you must address aviation security service or declare your firearms at the check-in.

  1. Items with blunt ends: baseball, crocket bats, billiard sticks, clubs, golf clubs, oars, skateboards.
  2. Batteries, lithium batteries, including scooters and segways based on lithium batteries.
  3. Dry ice
  4. Electronic cigarettes 
What conditions for people with reduced mobility exist in the airport?

Services for handling ill people and people with reduced mobility are provided by passengers handling service of Astana Airport. For submitting application, please use the phone number: ­­­­­­­­­­­­+7 (7172) 777-173 or airport inquiry desk +7 (7172) 702 999 ( (24/7). 

What I can expect in a case the flight is cancelled or delayed?

In case of delaying/postponing or canceling flight due to the late arrival of the aircraft, and if the flight route is changed, the air carrier is obliged to organize comfortable waiting conditions for passengers at departure or аt intermediary point (in accordance with article 86 Law RK «On using air space of the Republic of Kazakhstan and air activity»). For receiving compensation payments, you need to address ground agents or airline Call Centre, for example, support services phone numbers of Air Astana– 8 (727) 244 44 77 in Almaty city, 8 (7172) 58 44 77 in Astana, and demand: in case you are travelling with a small child (under the age of 7), you have a right for mother and child room (if available). The nature of compensation activities depends on the duration of delay.

Waiting for more than 2 hours:

  • 2 telephone calls (including international calls) for no more than 5 minutes or sending 2 messages via e-mail;
  • Soft drinks.

Waiting for more than 4 hours:

  • Hot meals every 6 hours at daytime and every 8 hours at nighttime.

Waiting for more than 6 hours at nighttime and 8 hours at daytime:

  • Hotel;
  • Shuttle to the hotel and back.

Waiting for more than 10 hours:

  • The air carrier, at passenger’s choice, must provide flight to the destination, with all the above compensations, or fully reimburse the cost of the ticket to the passenger.

All the above services must be provided to the passenger without any additional fees.

In case the flight was delayed due to the fault of the airline, the passenger is entitled to claim compensation in the amount of 3% from ticket price (section of the flight where it was delayed) per each hour of delay.

In case the passenger was waiting delayed flight for more than 10 hours and did not use the option for substitute flight, then the airline must guarantee to the passenger full repayment of ticket cost, i.e 100% compensation of ticket cost.

What should I do, if I have left my personal belongings in the aircraft?

Address lost and found agent.

What should I do, if my baggage has not arrived?

Address lost and found agent.

Where can I buy air tickets at the airport?

Passengers can buy air tickets in any point of the world in cash offices of «Astana International Airport» located on the second floor of passenger terminal in domestic flight zone.

Where can I get information about fees for excessing baggage weight limit?

Amount of fee for overweight baggage is calculated and established by the air carrier, its personnel is competent in providing this information.

Where can I re-book, exchange or cancel my plane ticket?

Issues, related to tickets, belong to exclusive competence of the air carrier.

Where is the check-in desk of Air Astana?

Air Astana check-in desks are situated on the second floor, in sector B of Astana Airport passenger terminal.

Where should I address, if my baggage or belongings were lost in the airport terminal?

In case of losing baggage, you can address airport inquiry service.