Special tactical training has been conducted in Astana Airport

On February 16, 2017 the City Firefighting Service, in cooperation with Airport Services, have conducted special tactical training on the territory of “International Airport Astana” in the framework of executing complex plan «Safety and comfort in the airport of the Capital».

The purpose of the training is to improve activities of management, to increase experience and skills of unit leaders, to develop abilities of eliminating consequences of emergency accidents for personnel, and increase readiness of airport emergency units.

Rescue units of Emergency Service of Astana city, medical and engineering teams, public order enforcement service, consumer rights’ protection department, and Airport emergency rescue team were involved in the training. The total number of the group of personnel and equipment was more than 50 persons and more than 30 vehicles.

The event was conducted in three stages. During the exercises, all the possible emergency scenarios were conducted, which may occur in the airport area. Emergency landing and extinguishing fire on the aircraft, passenger evacuation, providing medical and psychological help for passengers, structural collapse of buildings, finding and recovering people under collapsed structures, liquidation of snow drift consequences.

According to scenario in one of the episodes, during landing, TU-154 aircraft has landed with non-deployed emergency landing gear, and as a consequence, fire in the gear structure. After alert, Airport firefighting team, Fire Department and Emergency Rescue teams, Center for Disaster Medicine teams have arrived. For extinguishing fire ion the aircraft, personnel of firefighting-rescue teams have applied firefighting agents from the airport firefighting trucks. In the meantime, the rescue teams were evacuating injured passengers from aircraft emergency exits and provided first medical and psychological aid.

«All the goals, set for the training, were completely achieved. I would like to admit high professionalism of groups and their excellent team work», – said the Head of Emergency Situations and Civil Defense Department, Mr. Marat Kundakbayev, summarizing the results of successful achievement of tactical tasks.

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