Republican command-staff exercise “Zher-2017″ was held at the Astana airport

On October 13, 2017, the traditional Republican command-staff exercise “Zher-2017″ was held at the Astana airport, which takes place once every three years.

According to the legend, in the event of a devastating earthquake up to 9 points on the Richter scale in the southern regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to render assistance – the Astana airport will serve as a service for providing air transportation to the affected regions in eliminating the negative consequences of the earthquake.

The forces and facilities of the city of Astana are also planned to be sent to the regions affected by the earthquake. This involves the use of rail and air transport. The loading of the personnel of the rescue units and the necessary equipment for the dedicated air transport will be carried out through the airport of the capital.

The exercises were presided over by the Chairman of the Board of the capital airport of Paolo Ricciotti, where 50 people took part from airport, more than 10 airport departments (Medical Point, emergency rescue service, operational control center, etc.) and more than 10 vehicles (fire trucks, push-back, ambulances, etc.).

In accordance with the plan of exercises, the airport of Astana will conduct check-in, inspection, organization of loading into the aircraft, standard procedures that facilitate the correct and timely delivery of rescuers to the work site.

At the end of the exercise, the Chairman of the Board of Paolo Ricciotti, Astana International Airport JSC summarized the results, saying: “Airports play a key role in organizing the rapid delivery of rescue teams to people in distress. In addition to having the necessary airport infrastructure, there must be a team of airport specialists who are trained in the necessary methods of work. The Astana airport has everything necessary and infrastructure, and highly qualified personnel, which was proved in the conducted Teaching. IMG_9705 IMG_9718 IMG_9724 IMG_9742 IMG_9762