Photographing and Video filming

Terms of photographing and video filming in the territory of “Astana International Airport” JSC

In accordance with established procedures for organization of photographing and video filming in Astana International Airport, “Astana International Airport” JSC considers letters from legal entities and individual persons and makes a decision on possibility and practicability of conducting such surveys.

Video filming undertaken to inform the public about important events in the life of the capital and / or highlighting of activity of International Airport Astana is considered as a non-profit.

The commercial filming is the filming, conducted at the territory of Astana airport for creation of commercial photo and video products, including documentaries and feature films, television programs and series, entertainment programs, music videos, advertisement clip, photography for entertainment printed media etc

Procedure of filling a letter with request to arrange a photographing and video filming:

1. Th1. The letter should be issued on the letterhead of the organization (for legal entities), signed by director. The letter should be addressed to the Chairman of the Board of “Astana International Airport” JSC, Mr. Paolo Ricciotti;

2. The letter should state: purpose of filming, theme of the story (script);

· planned date, time and duration of shooting;
· precise indication of sites and facilities necessary for shooting;
· composition of film crew with passport data (name, number, series, when and by whom issued identity card / passport, date and place of birth, address of registration);
·  list of equipment;
· In case the crew vehicle needs to enter the airside and / or on the first line of Astana airport terminal, please, indicate type of car, state registration numbers of cars and passport details of their owners.

contact details of the responsible person

3. L. Letter with request to provide informational filming must be submitted not less than 3 working days, commercial – not less than 7 working days before the start. Otherwise, Astana International Airport is entitled to reject the letter or postpone filming for another date;

4. Letters by foreign organizations must be submitted along with a copy of foreign media correspondent’s license (permanent accreditation), issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan; copies of visa, copy of the migration card.

Grounds for refuse:

Management of “Astana International Airport “JSC is entitled to refuse filming or change the terms in the following cases:

  • • if filming is not possible without disturbing the airport technological process;
  • • when application for filming is submitted in breach of the order and timing;
  • special events at the airport;
  • Untrue information about Astana airport and its staff in the script.

Tariffs for photographing and video filming at

«Astana International Airport JSC :


Tariff in Tenge (KZT) (KZT)

(VAT excl.)

1 Video filming at airport terminal square and landside:
Video filming up to 3 hours 13 854
Video filming more that 3 hours, for each following hour 4 618
2 Video filming on airport’s sterile area:
Video shooting till 3 hours 18 843
Videofilming more that 3 hours, for each following hour 6 281
3 Video filming at apron:
Video filming up to 3 hours 31 109
Video filming more that 3 hours, for each following hour 10 370

Contact person:
Kamilla Kassymbekova 
T. +7 (7172) 777 – 982