VIP (International)


Airport offers to its passengers the services of VIP Lounge for international passengers. VIP-passengers Lounge is located separately and isolated from the other premises of the airport complex,   where you can have a rest on the comfortable sofas.  Here VIP-passengers can go through check-in for international flights, customs and passport control.  After arrival the employee of the airport will meet you on the special, separate transport. Lounge for VIP-passengers renders the following services:

1. Round-the-clock acceptance of preliminary requests for passenger handling
2. Accelerated air tickets and baggage check-in
3. Reception and boarding of the passengers from/to aircraft
4. Reception and boarding by separate transport
5. Delivery of baggage and cabin baggage to/from the aircraft
6. Rest in the waiting hall
7. Passing the passport and customs control without queue

The bar services are paid additionally. Cost of the service is:

– per 1 departure passenger – 56 000 tenge (with VAT);
– per 1 departure children from 7 to 15 – 28 000 tenge (with VAT, 50% from main tariff);
– per 1 arrival passenger – 33 600 tenge (with VAT);
– per 1 arrival children from 7 to 15 – 16 800 tenge (with VAT, 50% from main tariff);

In order to command the services of VIP –Lounge, it is necessary to make an order by phone 777-108 or conclude a contract for VIP-services (for legal entities). Requests for VIP-services are accepted round-the-clock.

Astana International Airport JSC

Order form for VIP/CIP services

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VIP/CIP services are rendered under preliminary order no later than 24 hours before arrival/departure.

You are kindly requested to ensure service reservation by credit card or by advance payment fully not less than 2 hours before arrival/ departure.

This order form covers only passing through CIP/VIP lounge by passengers.

Aircraft seat booking is beyond the competence of the Airport. This service is rendered on actual basis and under coordination with Carrier.

The Airport reserves the right not to render service during special events.

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