Ladies and gentlemen!

At your service:

1. Paid parking for 351 parking lots locates on landside. An automatic time tracking and motion video recording system and automatic image recognition of license plates operates at the parking. Pay attention to the clearness of the state license plate of your car to avoid difficulties at the entrance / exit to the parking area of airport.

Method of Payment: Payment is made at one of the 4-automatic cash terminals located on the ground floor at the entrance to passenger terminal building in the national currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Tenge.

Tariffs of time in zones of paid parking

Parking kategory Time of parking VAT included
1 Р1 Paid public parking (привокзальная площадь) Up to 30 minutes FREE OF CHARGE
From 30 minutes to 1 hour 300 t
for 2 hours 400 t
for 3 hours 600 t
more than 4 hours to 24 hours 2 500 t
for every subsequent day 2 500 t
2  Р3 Parking (covered) Up to 12 hours 1 400 t
from 12 hours to 24 hours 2 000 t
for every subsequent day 1 800 t

SAVE a parking ticket until leaving the airport parking.

In case of loss or damage of parking-ticket, please contact with parking administrator.

If you have problems with payment please contact with operator by pressing “call operator” on the cash terminal.

Paid parking, serviced by “Astana LRT”, is proposed for passengers’ service 


The present Rules are public and can be applied to every driver
(owner, user) from entering and until leaving paid parking.


  • enter and leave territory of parking space only through entrance and exit facilities accordingly, observing traffic regulations.
  • keep parking space clean, and not violate sanitary and fire safety regulations;
  • In case of losing parking ticket, pay penalty for the loss, and pay for parking time;
  • leave territory of parking space within 24 hours from the moment of entrance;
  • fully, unconditionally and immediately abide by the requirements of Administration employees, security service and parking inspectors;
  • Perform timely and full payment before leaving parking space of IAA and keep parking receipt until exit;




  • demand from the User to the execute obligations, assumed under the present Rules;
  • prohibit entrance of the vehicle to the territory of parking space and include it into the list of mala fide users (entrance ban) in case of the present Rules;
  • recover penalty sanctions from the user for non-payment of parking time according to established tariffs;
  • recover from the User a penalty for loss of parking ticket;



  • enter and exit territory of parking space through curbstones, sidewalks and pedestrian areas;
  • enter and exit territory of parking space through evacuation ways without authorization from the Administration;
  • enter the territory of parking space in a vehicle with trailer;
  • enter the territory of parking space in a vehicle towing other vehicle;
  • enter the territory of parking space in a vehicle with eight and more passenger places;
  • enter the territory of parking space in a vehicle, with exceeds the following dimensions: length more than 5 meters and width 2,5 more than meters