Baggage store

At your service – spacious baggage room for luggage and cabin baggage, located on the first floor of the Terminal building. The baggage room operates 24 hours a day, without lunch time break. Stuff and baggage of the passengers are accepted for storing in any package, which provides its safety and does not contaminate the stuff of the other passengers and equipment. Explosive, flammable, poisoning substances, perishable goods, arming items, money, documents, jewellery are not accepted for the storing. Mass of one baggage place must not exceed 30 kg, at the same its dimensions are limited to 30×50×70 sm. The cost of one place storing is calculated for calendar day – from the moment of baggage giving to 24 hours of the same day, the cost is 680 KZT. The separate items can not be given from the whole baggage. If the passenger needs the part of his baggage, he must first take his whole baggage, and then pay for the following storing. The owner of the baggage is given, cheque, receipt and baggage tag. In case of receipt loss, the baggage is given under the application of the passenger at obligatory presence of the policeman. The passenger must have documents, identifying his personality and prove the belonging of the things to him. The stuff, not taken by the owner within 6 months from the date of acceptance for are considered as unclaimed and registered in the established procedure.
Baggage is handed out upon presentation of appropriate baggage tag and receipt