Veterinary control

Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Territorial inspection of committee of veterinary control and supervision on Astana”.

Telephone number of reception desk 32-77-12, telephone number of secretary office 32-75-01, department of the state veterinary-sanitary control and supervision on border and transport Telephone number 32-77-19, international point «Airport» telephone number 28-65-12

 For implementation of the state veterinary supervision (further — state veterinary supervision) for the purpose of the prevention of drift and distribution of causative agents of infectious and exotic diseases of animals in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and also prevention of import of the under control freights constituting health hazard of people, animals and environment from other states, authorized government authority in the field of veterinary science (further – the authorized authority), in border and customs check-points (check points through frontier) will organize boundary veterinary control posts of zone divisions of state veterinary supervision on border and transport (further —frontier veterinary control post).

Controlled freights, subject to the state veterinary supervision

The following types of under control freights moved through frontier are subject to boundary state veterinary supervision:

1) all species of domestic, wild, zoo, circus, laboratory, decorative, fur, sea animals and other hydrobionts, birds, bees, fishes, including sexual and somatic cages of animals (embryos, sperm, the impregnated caviar, incubatory eggs);

2) products of an animal origin meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, fish and the fish products, eggs and products of egg production which aren’t used without the corresponding processing in food, and also production of beekeeping;

3) Raw materials of an animal origin skin, wool, hair, a bristle, furs, down, a feather, endocrine glands, interiors, blood, bones, horns, hoofs, other products received from animals, intended on forage to animals.

4) Veterinary preparations, stern, feed additives.

Import of controlled freights on territory of Republic of Kazakhstan

On the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan import of freights under control to state veterinary supervision from other states, safe in the epizootic relation, with observance of the following requirements is allowed:

1) At compliance to the veterinary (veterinary and sanitary) requirements established by authorized body and to be confirmed to veterinary certificates or the veterinary certificate;

2) In the presence of the permission of the Chief state veterinary inspector of the Republic of Kazakhstan or his deputy accepted taking into account an assessment of an epizootic situation of the export country.

Export of controlled freights on territory of Republic of Kazakhstan

For registration of permission to export of under control freights the owner of freight not less than in 15 days in writing addresses to regional (city) territorial division of authorized authority in a place of an origin (stay) of freight, having attached to inquiry the relevant veterinary requirements of the countries — the exporter (or a sample of the veterinary certificate) in the original and its translation on state or Russian with the indication of the country — the exporter, the name of freight, type of the vehicle and points of crossing of frontier of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the CIS.

Transit transportation of under control freights through the territory Republic of Kazakhstan

Transit transportation of under control freights through the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is carried out according to international treaties on cooperation in veterinary science.