Customs control


We welcome you in Kazakhstan and we hope that your stay in our country will leave the most favorable impressions known for its hospitality.

If you want your travel to be comfortable it is a good practice to familiarize yourself with some rules for travelers.

We offer you the basic norms and rules of Customs control and clearance in the international check- points of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Declaring goods

If you fill in the passenger declaration and specify moved values in it you reduce time for passing customs formalities.


Movement of cash and (or) monetary instruments by natural persons across the customs border of the Customs Union

(For the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan and Belarus)

According to the agreement for the procedure of movement of cash and (or) monetary instruments by natural persons across the customs border of the Customs Union, signed by the Heads of State of the Customs Union, dated 5 July 2010 in Astana (Decision of Interstate Counsel the EurAsEC dated July 5, 2010, decision of the Customs Union Commission dated May 20, 2010 No.271), establishes the following order of import and export of cash and (or) monetary instruments for individuals:

1. Foreign cash and (or) the national currency, bills, checks (including traveller’s cheques), securities in documentary form are exported into to or imported from the Republic of Kazakhstan by natural persons from or to the customs territory of the Customs Union without restrictions and customs declaration.

2. At one-time import or export of foreign cash and (or) the national currency (except for precious metal coins), and (or) traveler’s checks totaling in excess of the equivalent of 10,000 U.S. dollars into/from the Republic of Kazakhstan from/into the territory of third countries, these values are subject to customs declaration in writing by filing the passenger customs declaration on the whole amount of imported and exported values.

3. Import or export into/from the Republic of Kazakhstan from/into the territory of third countries individual bills, checks (except traveler’s checks) as well as securities in documentary form, certifying the obligation of a emitter (a debtor) to pay monetary funds and not identifying person receiving such payment, shall be subject to submission of the passenger customs declaration, regardless of the amount or their nominal value.

To issue the goods in the simplified order, it is necessary to present following documents:

  • The identification card or the passport;
  • The documents confirming the property right (waybills, invoices, commodity checks and other payment documents);
  • The documents confirming an origin of the goods (labels, tags, or certificates of quality, and also other documents in which the country, where goods were fully produced or processed sufficiently, is specified);
  • Certificates (veterinary, phyto – sanitary, etc.) if the goods is a subject to such control.

To keep the documents confirming the property right and an origin of the goods at purchase of the goods.

Not to transfer the goods forbidden to import and export.

It is not recommended to move the forbidden goods, such as the weapon, drugs, psychotropic substances, poisons, etc.


For more information please call:

+7 (7172) 286 437 286 438 286 398


In conflict situations

In the case of unreasonable, in your opinion, the requirements of customs officers you have the right to appeal the actions of customs officials, indicating name, badge number of the Customs officer to the higher officials of the customs authority, as well as to representatives of higher customs authorities. In the event of dispute or conflict situations apply by the phone:

+7 (7172) 227 332, 227 310, 227 330

If you are not satisfied with the explanations provided to you we offer telephone number of the Customs Control Committee of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

+7 (7172) 794 680, 794 580, 794 552

After your call all necessary measures will be taken timely to solve issues in the current conflict situation.

Have a good rest!