Public transport

Astana Airport reports the availability of the possibility of arrival and departure to / from the airport by city taxi and public transport.

Full information on the timetable can be found on the website, where you can find out more information about the public transport route, see the location of each bus in the city online, the availability of bus stops indicating the bus numbers passing through them. For today, buses № 10 and № 12 carry out passenger transportation to the airport.


Also you have the opportunity to choose a taxi carrier for a call to the airport terminal area. It is simply necessary to go to an independent site with a list of all taxis of the capital

Also we inform that on the night from 7th to 8th of April 2017 night route No 200 is introduced in the test mode by the message Railway station – International airport.

The route will run from the railway station – along Birzhan Sal – Zhenis avenue – Kenesary street – Republic avenue – Kabanbai batyr avenue – Saraishyk avenue – Turan avenue – Dostyk avenue – Kabanbai batyr avenue –Prigorodniy h/e – International airport

The fare will be 150 tenge. The interval of motion is 30-60 minutes.

Route of No.10 and No.12 buses

Airport – city – Airport

Departure from the city to the airport by bus No.10 – 5.50 – 23.00, interval 10-15 minutes.

Departure from the airport to the city by bus No.10 -6.20 – 00.00, interval 10-15 minutes.

Departure from the city to the airport by bus No.12 – 6.40 – 21.20, an interval 15 minutes.

Departure from the airport to the city route of the bus № 12 – 7.50 – 22.30, an interval between flights of 15 minutes.

Operating time of buses from 6.a.m. till 12.p.m.


Railway station of Astana:

Information call number: 105 (in the city),

8 (7172) 38 07 07

Bus station of Astana “Saparzhai-Astana”:

Information call number:

8 (7172) 39 85 04, 30 35 49