Touristic Astana


Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan, dynamically developing administrative and business center of the country.

Geographical position

Astana located in the north of the central part of Kazakhstan, within Akmola Oblast. Geographical position: 51°10’ of North latitude and 71° 30’ of East longitude.  Astana is in Time Zone 5. Local time in relation to the zero meridian is GMT +06.00. The capital of Kazakhstan is in the center of Eurasia.


Astana has a humid continental climate. Winter is long, with lot of snow. Average temperature in January is -14°C (6°F ) to -18 °C ( 0°F ). Avergare temperature in July is +20°C (68 °F) to +24 °C (75 °F)


Astana occupies the area of 722 km ² . For comparison: area of the city in 1997 was 258 km ².


Astana is inhabited by the representatives of more than 100 nationalities. Nowadays, Astana has an officially estimated population over 700,000