National opera and ballet theatre of K. Baiseitova.

Before a look of anybody who has arrived to Astana by train, appears the three-storyed brick building. Difficult in the plan, it is the sample of architecture of classical style of the end of the XIX-th century. The central portal with semicolumns, projections, pediments, graceful niches, pilasters … Remarkable young collective, which today at all on hearing has lodged six years ago in the restored Tselinograd Palace of railwaymen – National opera and ballet theatre of K.Baiseitova. Today it is the youngest musical theatre of the country. The national theatre shows results of fast art growth, using stages of performances of different epoch and styles. In respect of theatre stages are planned J.Puccini “Melancholy” (the production director is the honoured public figure of Russia Y.Aleksandrov) and a cycle of one-act ballets of F.Shopen “Shopeniana”, R.Schuman “Carnival”.

Co-ordinates: Astana, 10 Akzhaik str.
Tel.: +7 (7172) 39 27 60
Fax: +7 (7172) 38 00 89


 Kazakh musical-drama theatre named K. Kuanyshbaev

The Kazakh musical-drama theatre named Kalibek Kuanyshbaev began its history since November 15th in 1991. Fifteen theatrical seasons are behind shoulders. Here the compositions of G. Musrepov, M. Ayezov, Ch. Aitmatov, T. Ahtanov and other known playwrights and writers have been staged. Actual perusal of classics, a delicate lyricism, the high spiritual beginning – each spectator finds on this scene what he likes. This year has brought to the theatre creative lifting: the troupe will present seven new plays for the court of the capital theatre-goer.

Co-ordinates: Astana, 47A Omarov str.
Tel.: +7 (7172) 32 36 01
Fax: +7 (7172) 32 34 60


Russian drama theatre named M.Gorkyi

In 1899 Akmolinsk Town Council has got a building for public theatre. So, more than hundred years ago there was a future Russian drama theatre named M.Gorkyi. A lot of remarkable performances have been staged on this scene. For hundred years the theatre has passed through all “delights” of the time’s troubles, wars, lack of money, oblivion, merges and divisions. Today Russian theatre is a high professionalism and scenic culture. The collective showing an inexhaustible charge of creativity, presents to spectators bright and deep images of heroes of M.Gorkyi, A.Chehov, N.Gogol, A.Pushkin, Beaumarche, Z.B.Moler, F.Dostoevskii. Statements on compositions of modern writers K.Dragunskaya, N.Ptushkina, A.Dudareva, L&A Chutko, K.Sergienko, Z.Z.Briker, M.Laseg also were included into the theatre repertoire.

Co-ordinates: Astana,  72 Begildinova str.
Tel.: +7 (7172) 32 05 70, 32 40 53
Fax: +7 (7172) 32 24 21, 32 40 53