The lesson-competition took a place at Astana Airport on topic “State Language – guarantee of people unity”

By the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 20 January, 1998 in our country established a holiday – Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan which is celebrated annually on 22 September.

In honor of this holiday on 23 September, 2016 at the Astana International Airport, the Lesson – Competition “State Language — Guarantee of People Unity” was carried out among the clerks of divisions. The purpose of this action is promotion of language policy, awakening of interest in studying of a state language, development in listeners of oratorical skill. The Head of languages development department Seitmaganbetova Roza is opened an event and congratulated the audience on holiday.

The Lesson – Competition consisted of 3 rounds. On the first round participants shall answer the questions, using only Kazakh specific letters, on the second round – were asked the questions about the history of Kazakhstan, Astana city and Astana Airport. In the next round participants competed on knowledge of proverbs and sayings.

At the end, jury defined the winners of the competition, Abylkairov Rashad – Safety Senior Engineer, Bimagambetova Zhanylsyn – Inspector of Administrative Division of Safety Aviation Service, Mukanova Saule – Inspector of Inspection Division, Shushakova Akhmaral – technician of Aviation Engineering Service, Kurgashova Saya – Inspection Engineer of Badge Registration Service.

The Chairman of Labor Union Committee Shamkenova G. D., the Head of Languages Development Department Seitmaganbetova R. E., Engineer of Inspection Division Suleyev G. N., Deputy Chief of Service Information Technologies and Communications Zhalmurzayev A. K… judged a competition. Lesson – Competition are held by teacher of a state language Zamzebai K.S.

With the support of the Airport Management and Labor Union Committee, festive table was laid. The lesson – competition ended on a positive note with wishes of the piece, kind and prosperity of a state language.

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