Astana Airport greets delegation of Paralympic games

22-nd of September, 2016 at 04.35 p.m at Astana International Airport arrived aircraft from Amsterdam, onboard was Paralympic sport delegation of Kazakhstan.

From 7-th till 18-th of September, 2016 at Rio-De-Janeiro (Brazil) were conducted XV-th Summer Paralympic games, at which participated sportsmen from Kazakhstan, This time the honor of the country was defended by 11 Paralympians of Kazakhstan in 5 types of sport! Previous Paralympic Games, which were conducted in London, from Kazakhstan were participating 7 athletes.

The owner of Gold Medal has become Zulfiya Gabidullina (Zhambyl region, swimming 100 m. / free style) and Silver Medal – Raushan Koyshibayeva (Almaty region, power lifting, weight category is to 67 kg.).

Sportsmen were warmly greeted by their relatives, fans and journalists, representatives of Sport and Culture Ministry, Akimat.

Zulfiya Gabidullina’s Golden Medal became the first golden in the history of sovereign Kazakhstan on Paralympic Games!

Capital Airport congratulates champions with the victory and wishes new achievements of the athletes!

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