Update cargo development at Astana Airport

On September 15, 2016 at the airport of Astana commissioned the building of the customs point, intended for customs clearance and goods coming through Astana. This customs office was created to simplify the customs procedures at the capital airport. The building area is 270 sq.m. The customs office provides electronic queue for visitors, creating ease of service. In the reception area are constantly consultants who will direct the visitors on issues of interest. This customs point provides for the customs service system «open space», which means barrier-free customer service.

Customs office is one of the projects on the way to the development of cargo infrastructure. The future plans of the airport provides cargo transportation development through the creation of new office and warehouse space, the creation of a common consumer access to cargo terminal services. The second step is the effective transfer of checkpoint screening of cargo terminal building. Thus, access to the cargo terminal will be smooth for customers.

However, consumers will be facilitated interaction with the airport of Astana in terms of data processing, the customs document.

The development of cargo infrastructure Astana airport is an important aspect in the preparation of an international airport to the EXPO-2017 in the capital. In the future, the airport will develop the infrastructure, both freight and passenger hub for the creation of the largest in Central Asia.

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