An Airbus 380 made an emergency landing in Astana airport

The world largest passenger aircraft, an Airbus 380, made an emergency landing in Astana airport

In the early morning of August 29th, and for the first time an Air France Airbus A380, the largest passenger aircraft, route from Hong Kong to Paris made an emergency landing in Astana Airport due to a medical emergency with one of the passenger on board.

The captain of the aircraft Airbus A380, early this morning requested an emergency landing at the airport of Astana and at 4:40 Astana time it landed the aircraft.  A section of the main taxiway was closed to create an emergency parking stand for the large aircraft, and full assistance was immediately provided. Initially medical assistance was provided on board but as situation demanded for a more specialized assistance, in consultation with the flight captain, it was decided to offloaded and dispatch to the hospital the sick passenger, a lady born in 1961. After the completion of ground handling activity and refueling, the aircraft departed to his final destination Paris at 07.33 local time. A total of 468 passengers were on board the Airbus A380. We will like to commend the professionalism of the Astana Airport staff involved in the handling such difficult emergency  for the swift actions taken.

Фото А380 в аэропорту Астаны

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