“Let’s get children ready for school” annual charitable action was conducted at Astana airport

Traditionally, before the start of the new school year   on  19 August   2016 Capital Airport organized republican charitable action “ Let’s  get  children ready for  school!”. It aims to support large families, low-income and single-parent families of employees in preparing children for school. The actio n financed by dedicated funds provided in the budget of Astana airport.

Particular attention has  paid to children who go to school for the first time. Pupils (from 1 to 9 classes) were given school bags (with paints, notebooks, pencil cases, pens, albums and more) with all the honors and celebrations.

Management of  Astana International Airport JSC and  Labor  Union  of Workers of  Astana International Airport JSC  applied best efforts  in order  that 1 September has become vivid and memorable holiday for pupils  and parents.

Social support of  Astana Airport staff  is one of the important directions of the air enterprise development.