New Chairman Board at Astana Airport

Mr. Paolo Ricciotti was appointed as Chairman of the Board of Astana airport.

Paolo Riciotti, Italian citizen, started his working activity in 1974 in “Nigeria Airways” Air Company under the Management of KLM (Rome, Italy). During his work in the field of civil aviation Paolo Ricciotti established himself as high qualified international specialist, passing through all stages of professional development: from an ordinary manager to top manager in such world famous air companies as: «Cathay Pacific Airways», «SEA Aeroporti Milano», «SEA Handling Spa», «Astra Air Charter» and others.

Paolo Ricciotti participated in large-scale business projects, and was involved in both side of the Aviation Industry, from the Airline prospective as a user and from the Airport side as Service provider.  In his career he had the opportunity to manage very large workforce in complex and multicultural environment, to research the market of aviation services and implement planning of operational resources for effective management and sustainable development of the companies with a keen attention on increasing the level of safety and security of the operations. From 2012 to 2015 he worked as Director of Ground Services in “Air Astana” (Kazakhstan).

As was mentioned by Managing Company “Airport Management Group”: “We believe that professionalism of Paolo and goals of AMG to implement the best world practices, standards and technologies, increasing of the traffic, improvement the services and ensuring the standards of safety and security will contribute the establishment of the capital`s airport as one of the leading air harbors of Eurasia”.