The Airport of Astana city has conducted a voluntary cleaning «Clean City – Happy City»

As part of the city event for Environmental Month “Clean City – Happy City”, declared by the Capital’s Akimat from 18 April to 18 May 2016, and city-wide subbotnik (voluntary clean-up) for landscaping, planting and sanitary cleaning of Astana city, on April 23, 2016, the capital airport staff took an active part in the traditional spring event. After snowy winter, it was necessary to bring the territory and surrounding areas to appropriate order, in order to bear title of one of the best airports in country, deserved not only for quality of provided services, but also for maintaining areas clean. Employees of enterprises and other organizations worked together with enthusiasm to clean last year’s leaves, whitewash trees and shrubs, bring flower beds, small architectural forms, and many other things in order,. The Management of the Airport, with their own example, encouraged employees to perform assigned tasks with high-quality. In total, over 800 people were involved, and 10 units of automobile and other machinery. After the voluntary clean-up, the territory of the airport facilities regained their beauty and shone with new colors in spring sun.