Results of operation activity for the first quarter 2016 in Astana Airport.

For the first three months of 2016, the number of handled passengers at the capital airport has made 723 774 passengers that is more on 18%, than in January-March of 2015 (613 928 passengers).

On domestic flights in January-March of 2016, total amount of a passenger traffic has made 525 200 passengers, increased on 32%, in connection with corresponding period of 2015 (398 076 passengers).

On international flights in January-March of 2016, the passenger traffic has made 198 574 passengers, that is less on 8%, in connection with the similar period of 2015 (215 852 passengers).

For the first quarter of 2016, the number of handled cargo and mail has made 1 705 tons that is more on 5%, in comparison with 2015 (1 630 tons).

For January-March of 2016, the number of operated flights has made 5 710 flights, for the similar period in 2015 – 5 349, increased on 7%. It was connected with increasing of flights frequency in existing routes.

Nowadays, Astana Airport is realizes project of passenger terminal construction. Putting into service will promote increase in capacity of passenger terminal complex, up to 7 million passengers per year. Execution of specified project is aimed at increasing quality of passenger service and guests and accommodating of the most comfortable conditions for visitors of the airport.