Astana Airport prepares to EXPO

Construction of the new passenger terminal total area of 40 000 m2 was begun in 2015 within preparation to EXPO-2017 international specialized exhibition, and implementation of “Nurly Zhol” State Program. Airport capacity will make more than 7 million passengers a year upon termination of construction. In peak hours waiting rooms will be able to accommodate up to 2, 525 passengers at once. Today the zero cycle of construction has been completed, lift shafts and flights of stairs of terminal building above ground level has been built, and metal structures and coverings are installed. Apron was reconstructed and the new Business terminal was put into operation in 2015.

Astana International Airport is the second hub airport of Kazakhstan by production factors. With transfer of the capital to Astana, the city has become the financial and economically developed center of Kazakhstan that causes huge interest of foreign investors. The successful geographical position of Astana city in the center of the Eurasian continent promotes development of aviation in the sphere of transit and transfer transportations, connecting Southeast Asia and Western Europe. Also the airport is connected with all regional centers of Kazakhstan.

Important factors are political stability of the state, unique geopolitical location and the existing status of Astana, availability of advanced technical base for servicing of all types of aircraft – all this allows to develop this business fully.

Now the largest world airlines, operating intercontinental transportations between America, the countries of the Middle East, Europe and Southeast Asia, perform transit landings at Astana airport. The airport serves such airlines as Air Astana, Etihad, Asiana Airlines, Flydubai, Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Russia, SCAT, Uzbekiston Hava Yollary and other. They daily operate regular passenger flights to the countries of the FSU and beyond under 22 routes and 15 routes across Kazakhstan.

According to statistical data of total amount of production indicators of the airports of Kazakhstan, in 2015 Astana airport has served 15% of flights, 25% of passengers and 10% of cargo flow. The number of sortie at the average   makes 70 flights per day, passenger traffic makes 9, 000 passengers. Opening of the popular routes , such as Paris, Tbilisi, Seoul, Dubai which are in demand has allowed to increase a passenger traffic in 2015 by 13% in comparison with 2014, namely        3, 347, 400 and 2, 904, 287 passengers respectively. Emergence of  QAZAQ Air carrier in the market of Kazakhstan creates favorable conditions for the population of different regions of the country. Soon the global carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines plans to open new route, connecting Amsterdam the capital of Holland and Astana. Also the huge attention is paid to development and attraction of freight carriers for increase in cargo turnover and development of cargo intermodal HUB together with Kazakhstan Temir Zholy.

As the result   Astana International Airport has opportunity to develop and be modernized, and airlines to increase efficiency of flights, transporting more passengers and freights, saving financial and technical means. Airport marches confidently forwards to achievement of the purposes and tasks, developing the airport as the HUB of the Central Asian region.

In recent years Astana airport has reached considerable positive changes. Considering the annual growth of passenger traffic there was a need to increase In- Flight Catering   and create a greater variety of products. In this regard the new shop of in- flight catering has been put into operation in 2015. In order to improve quality of food and to comply with the international standards it was taken decision to attract world provider in the sphere of production of in-flight catering – Gate Gourmet Company. The Gate Gourmet Company renders services in 28 countries and 120 airports worldwide, with complete coordination of all activities in the city of Zurich (Switzerland).

Since 1 October, 2015 based on the signed agreement at Astana airport, concerning production and providing with in-flight catering, Gate Gourmet Company has held a number of events for increase of efficiency of production process.  Productivity was increased to 6000 sets of in-flight meal per day; HACCP quality standard certificate and Gate Opex were received. Airline, being a client of Astana airport, has possibility to develop menu jointly with high-class specialists of the Gate Gourmet Company. Along with it the employees already having performed duties in shop of in-flight catering have had a unique opportunity to increase professional level, and also to get work experience in the international company.

For any airline high level of aviation security is one of the major aspects in case of the choice of the partner -airport. Now principle of multistage control of security in accordance with IKAO international standards is applied in Astana International Airport. Computer system of video surveillance operates around all territory of the airport. All check-points, the passenger terminal are equipped with the new high-technology customs equipment intended for examination of hand luggage, baggage of passengers, cargo, mail and also in-flight catering.

Thus, in connection with the become frequent acts of terrorism in the world community, mostly in places of a strategic importance,  it was taken measures for strengthening of security check  and the admission of the third parties to aircraft servicing. It has limited the admission to restricted area for third parties among which there was a Food Express Air Company.

However, it should be noted that at the present time   Food Express Air Company makes the activities, as the Lessee in the freestanding building of canteen. Within observance and entering of rules of selection of the lessee, and also for improvement of quality of food providing services, Food Express Air Company will take part in the forthcoming tender for selection of lessee of canteen building in accordance with general practice.

Swiss company Swissport International has been attracted for improvement of quality of passengers handling, ramp service, cargo and baggage, and implementation of international standards in Astana International Airport and for execution of joint activities.  Swissport world provider performs activities in 45 countries on 5 continents, and is represented at 265 leading airports of the world.

Since 1 October, 2015 the 1st stage – passengers servicing in the terminal, except for Air Astana, has been entered. The following stage of project implementation is to render aircraft ground handling at apron.

In view of importance of development of transit and transport capacity of the republic, Astana International Airport, being guided and following tasks of state programs for  development of the transport sphere, develops and makes the contribution to forming of transport infrastructure of new generation of Kazakhstan.