Astana Airport passes to spring-and-summer schedule

On 27 March 2016 Astana International Airport passes to spring-and-summer schedule of flights. Airlines- partners of Astana Airport will enjoy travellers with new routes and increasing frequency of flights on popular routes.

For the first time since May 4, 2016 KLM Airline begins to make flights from Astana to Amsterdam the capital of tulips.

Since March 27, 2016 Qazaq Air and Bek Air increase the frequency of flights. Qazaq Air to Almaty from ten to eleven times and Bek Air to Kyzylorda from six to seven times per week.

Since the same period Air Astana will fly to Shymkent ten times per week, instead of earlier nine times.

Since the beginning of the summer schedule, from 27March, 2016 Austrian Airlines will resume flights to the capital of Austria – Vienna.

Largest Airline Aeroflot increases the frequency of flights to Moscow from seven to nine times per week from 3 June 2016.

Within summer period tourist charter program is planned in Astana Airport. On 17 May 2016, Airline Scat is planned to fly to Antalya every day. From 30 May 2016 Greek Airline Ellin Air will renew the tourism program in Thessaloniki. For the first time, 30 May 2016 Sky Bus Airline is planned to open flights to Batumi. From 22 June 2016 BH Air airline commence flights to Bourgas.

Astana International Airport is the capital airport in Kazakhstan, in 2015 the airport handled 3 million 346 thousand people. The route network of Astana Airport consists of 25 routes. Today, 19 airlines operate regular flights to the air harbor of the capital.