Competition «Armysyn, az-Nauryz» was held in Astana airport

On March 16, 2016 in Astana International Airport it was held a lesson-competition «Armysyn, Az-Nauryz» among employees, who attend state language training in the group documentation clerks. This lesson is conducted every year. The purpose is to acquaint the employees with the history of Nauryz holiday, customs and traditions, associated with this holiday, awake interest for learning the state language, developing art of public speaking.

2 teams  “Aspan” and “Tulpar” have been taking part in the competition.

Lesson-competition consisted of 8 stages, the task for the first stage was to invent the name and motto for the team. Team members were wearing national clothes.

In the second stage, named «Zhuiryk bolsan, shauyp kor» the listeners answered questions about Nauryz Meiramy, and in the third stage, named «Oiyly bolsan, ozyp kor» they were answering questions about Astana International Airport. In the next stage, «Makal – sozdyn mayegi», the participants were competing on the knowledge of proverbs and sayings, and in the sixth stage on the knowledge of terms, related to clerical work. The sixth stage, «Nauryzga tartu» was a creative competition, where two teams demonstrated their talent and handicraft. In the next stage, «Batamen el kogerer», the captains of the teams gave their warmest blessing to the people of Kazakhstan. In the last stage, «Nauryz dastarkhany», each team has prepared a dastarkhan to honor Nauryz holiday. Guests and listeners could enjoy traditional Kazakh dishes.

At the end of the competition, the Jury has defined a winning team. Team «Aspan», has won the competition and received a diploma. Active team members were noted in nominations «Yzdyk batagoi azamat» – E.K. Taitoleuov  Shift Head EAS (Engining Aviation Service), «Nauryz shezhyresy» -A.E. Shushakova Accounting Technician EAS,  «Onerly oren»-A.K Khamitov- specialist of Procurement Service, «Zhuyiely soz iyesy»- Risbayev Shift Head EAS, «Utkyr oi iyesy»-G.T. Baidavletov Leading Specualist Quality Management System Unit, «Yzdyk dastarkhan»- S.A. Kargasheva engineer-inspector Security Service, «Nauryz zhanalygy»B.T. Shamshiyeva Accounting Technician Aerodrome Service , “Korermender kozaiymy” K.K. Smagulov Leading Engineer EAS, the nominees received letters of gratitude.

The lesson-competition ended with positive note of congratulation by the Management of Astana Airport, with best wishes of goodness and success for Nauryz Meiramy.

By virtue of support from the management, it was possible to achieve positive results in teaching the state language; more than 70 persons are trained every year.

The judges of the competition were: Managing Director Operative management A.B. Bekmurzin, Chief Manager of Airport Terminal  B.Kh. Abuova, Manager of Medical Init Z.K. Ilyassova, Head of Language Development Department, R.E Seitmaganbetova, , Deputy Head of IT and Communications Service, A.K Zhalmurzayev. The lesson was conducted by the teacher of state language, K.S. Zamzebay.

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