Introduction of concept «Silent Airport» in Astana Airport

Quality service is the priority direction of the capital airport. Astana airport step by step introduces the international quality standards of service of passengers. Standards which also provide information service of passengers. For creation of comfortable conditions for passengers, from January 25, 2016 the pilot project “Silent Airport” by cancellation of messages part on public address system was started.

The purpose of  «Silent Airport» project is improvement of quality of the provided services and its reduction in compliance with the most advanced airports in the world, including the CIS countries where the similar system exists already long time.

This innovation was introduced in order to reduce noise pollution in airport terminal. At the present time, on the average per day 55 regular arriving flights operate in Astana Airport, and as much on a departure flights in 37 directions. The announcement sounds 1-1, 5 minutes which repeats each 15 minutes, one flight appears 15 times in three languages. Taking into account constant growth of number of flights in future it will be impossible to made announcements due to those announcements   will create additional confusion for passengers.

For providing full comprehensive information, in an information display changes in which it is submitted detailed information on registration opening/closing were made, at the same time, check-in area and the last updates about departure time is specified. Similar approach was provided for the arriving flights and the separate display monitor was established for informing passengers in 3 languages that there will be no announcements on a public address system any more.

Announcements related to opening and closure of security processes were eliminated as the Security Processes are ongoing with no interruptions when there are scheduled flights. Domestic Security process are closed after the last departing domestic flight and open when check-in starts for the first departing flight the following.

At the same time, announcements will be continued to be made for: about gate changes, emergencies, at loss of personal things, by search of the owner baggage.

 In case of successful implementation of the pilot project, this innovation will be introduced on a permanent basis.