FBO duty-free operator’s selection

Astana International Airport JSC announces the beginning of order taking for participation in Selection of duty-free shop operator in the business terminal of Astana airport which will pass from 10 November to 13 November 2015

 Requirements to applicants

 1) Existence of current approval and other documents necessary according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the persons carrying business of duty-free shops. This requirement is confirmed by notarized copies of such documents;

2) Possession of legal capacity. This requirement is confirmed with:

- notarized copy of a  Certificate of  State Registration (re-registration)  of Legal Entity,  individual entrepreneur or Inquiry of State Registration (re-registration)  of  Legal Entity or  statement of an  applicant containing the reference to the official Internet source of a  state body having issued a reference and  used electronic system of registration;

3) To be solvent. This requirement is confirmed with:

-  reference of bank or a bank branch  servicing applicant    with the signature and a seal   on absence of   overdue debt under all types of liabilities, lasting more than three months preceding date of issue of a reference,  before bank or a bank branch according to the Standard Chart of Accounts of Financial Accounting in banks of the second level and the mortgage companies  (if an applicant is a client of several banks of the second level or branches and also foreign bank, this reference is submitted from each of such banks).  Reference shall be issued not earlier than date of placement of the announcement of selection of Operator on the Company website;

-  reference of due form of a relevant tax authority of on absence of  tax debt and debt under compulsory pensions, compulsory  professional pension contributions and social expenditures more, than in three months (except cases when the payment  is delayed according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan), or about presence  of the tax debt and debt on the compulsory pension contributions, compulsory for professional pension contributions and social expenditures less than one  tenge  issued not earlier than a date of placement of  announcement of Operator’s  selection on the website of Company  ;

4) to confirm availability of range of goods planned to sell ( letter of undertaking  with the inventory,  copy of agreements, etc.);

5) to provide the planned size of annual revenue from activities of shop and the liability signed by  CEO about introduction of a rent to Company in the amount of 10 410 tenge including the VAT for 1 (one) sq.m. per month of the area of shop (total area is 105,34 sq.m.), and also a concession payment in excess of 15% (fifteen percent) of monthly revenue;

6) to have   personnel in necessary quantity  to serve clients round-the-clock   in the territory of the airport and  knowing State, Russian and English languages in the amount necessary for use in work.

 Operator functions

 The operator has to provide process of professional service of departed passengers of the airport, considering, but without being limited to the following:

1) Individual and at own expense to receive the decision on establishment of duty free shop and all permissions for implementation of duty-free trade provided by the legislation;

2) To decorate shop in a corporate style according to a corporate brand book in a place strictly designated for this purpose;

3) To provide shop functioning a round-the-clock;

4) To provide the daily range of goods;

5) To provide to  Company access to monetary turns of a shop in a form of the tax reporting ;

 The Operator has to provide continuous and uninterrupted services fee to Company according to conditions of the signed Lessee Contract of Commercial Areas.

 Order of provision and consideration of documents

 Complete set of documents is to be provided to Administrative Support Office of Astana International Airport  JSC on  13 November 2015 till 16:00 .

 Proposals of applicants will be considered by Expert Committee on16 November, 2015.

 The winner will be declared on 16 November  2015.