The capital airport carried out Clean up day “We are for clean city!”

On 19 September 2015 the staff of  the airport  took active part in traditional autumn event Clean up day(voluntary Saturday work) which was called “We are for clean city!”under the  campaign  for  carrying of  ecological month  declared by thecapital akimatfrom 07-th of September  to 07-th of October, 2015 and city clean up day on landscaping, gardening and sanitation of Astana city. With the aim of preparing to autumn-winter navigation it was necessary to put once again the territory and the surrounding area in the appropriate order for   bearing  duly the title of one of the best airports in the country, not only under  the quality of services provided, but also under  keeping area clean. Employees of company and other organizations jointly with great enthusiasm removed rubbish and household waste, bleached trees and shrubs, put in order flower beds, small architectural forms and more. There were involved over 800 people and 10 units of automotive and other equipment. After subbotnikthe territory and facilities of the airport again turned  good-looking and shone in the autumn sunshine with new colors.


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