Fire and technical drill at Astana airport

In International Airport Astana JSC Today on 29 June, 2015 fire and technical drills on crashed aircraft suppression were staged.

Case study is aircrew requested a crash landing; at a landing the aircraft was rolled out of a runway owing to fire aroused.

Recent emergency incident at Aktau airport has become one of the reasons for carrying out the unplanned drills for prevention of similar incidents.

On these drills questions of comprehensive interaction between services, the organizations of management, tactics of suppression and communication were learnt. Fire brigades and divisions of 60 armed personnel and 15 pieces of equipment, mobile command posts service were involved in the event. Astana airport has 5 modern fire trucks equipped with all necessary of Fire and Rescue Flights Service certified with 9A IKAO category. Real skills of all employees with application of the most modern fire extinguishing means were shown during drills. Practical actions for suppression of aircraf telements, rescue and evacuation of victims allowed to get skills necessary in a real situation and showed high degree of combat readiness to actions.

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