Flights safety seminar in Astana airport

On 18 June, 2015 seminar on Risk Management in flights safety was arranged by Airport Management Group Managing Company, together with Zurich International Airport (Switzerland) in Astana International Airport.

Flights Safety inspectors, airports Operational Services’staff   participated in the seminar.

Main goal of this training is to introduce basic process of flights safety management system in activity of the airports, and finally – increase of flights safety level.

At a seminar lecturers told about process of management of risk factors for safety flights which covered  procedure of identification of danger factors  for flights safety , assessment of the related risks, development of measures for reduction or control over risks  using corresponding tools.

The aviation is difficult from the technological point of view, dynamic industry connected with threats and high risks for flights safety. Task of all air enterprises to reveal in due time and constrain the negative potential of the danger factors existing in aviation activity to increase safety level and to reduce number of airaccidents and incidentsconsequently. Seminar arrangersnotify that for this purpose it is important to understand that flights safety is an everyday work not only separate group of people, but all participants of airport activity.

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