The employees of Astana airport passed the exam for knowing State language

It is said in State of the Nation:  “By 2025, 95 percent of Kazakhstan should speak Kazakh”. In this regard, everything necessary is provided. By 2025, the Kazakh language will prevail in all spheres of life and become the language of universal communication. It will certainly be the most important achievement of our state. If every Kazakh aimed to speak their native language, our language would have taken place a long time, according to its constitutional status. When it comes to the Kazakh language, we forget that you need to start with ourselves. To serve the national interest, one must whip up himself. Once again, with the Kazakh Kazakh should speak Kazakh”.  Of course, this does not mean that “other than the Kazakhs do not have to speak the official language”. Only then the Kazakh language will be the language of communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Fundamentally the ratio of the language, the ratio to the country”. And in the capital’s airport is all to implement the President said.

There are over 1,500 people of employees at Astana airport. Employees of the capital airport daily handle more than 10,000 passengers and about 160 flights. For the purpose of quality service, expanding the scope of the state language and quality of documentation in the official language there was draft Regulation on the application and extension of the scope of the state language in the Services and Departments of “International Airport Astana” JSC according to which on a regular basis classes for the study of the state language.

Workers for a job at “International Airport Astana” JSC must pass an interview to determine the level of knowledge of the state language necessary for the performance of official duties. In the case of non-possession of the state language to the necessary extent, the employee registers to free courses of state language. The training program is based on training and textbook KAZTEST considering aviation terms. There are all conditions: well-equipped cabinet with computers, projector, textbooks, and terminological dictionaries. Lessons on the state language holds a qualified specialist, master of philology KenzheZamzebay, conducts various kinds of lessons: quest projects, lesson-journey using multimedia audio and video materials, various kinds of interactive exercises. There are applies modern technologies such training as a modular technology, casetechnology, Bloom’s taxonomy.

This year, classes on the state language were organized in the period from 01 October 2014 to 15 May 2015. There were formed 7 groups beginners, continue levels and of in-depth study, study covered all 89 employees of 18 Services. In the first half of SOP 29 agents and inspectors were trained diabetes accelerated learning courses, in the II half of the year were trained 60 people. In addition, the group has been established clerks.

In the first half  29 agents of  Passenger Handling Service  and Examination Service inspectors were trained on accelerated learning courses, in the second  half of the year were trained 60 people. In addition, there were established record keepers group.

At the end of the school year in the period from 2 to 4 June this year, a commission appointed by order of the Company, have been taken the state tests. According to the list in the current year courses were enrolled 89 people, in the 1st half – 29 people (PHS agents and ES inspectors) were trained at an accelerated course, in the 2nd half of the year – 60 employees.

As a result of test ES inspectors Christina Kharchenko, Yekaterina Krivenko were presented to encourage and  showed good results in the state language.

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