Fire-technical trainings at the airport of Astana

Today, 2 June 2015 “International Airport Astana”JSC in cooperation with Departments of the State Fire-fighting Service of Astana holds fire technical trainingson the subject of: “The actions of authorities, forces and resources during the emergency landing of an aircraft”. There have been worked out issues of comprehensive cooperation between the services, the organization of management, tactics, fighting and communications. Fire department in the number of 90 personnel and 15 units of equipment as well as a mobile command posts and control points were involved in this training.Airport Astana has 5 units modernly equipped with all the necessary fire engines of fire service rescue flight support, certified by 9A ICAO category. During the trainings were demonstrated real skills of employees, using the most modern fire-fighting equipment. Practical measures ofextinguishment of an aircraft elements, rescue and evacuation of victims allowed to acquire the skills needed in the real situation, and showed a high degree of alert. Invited experts from CCA, AMG, representatives of the airlines and the employees of the State Fire-fighting Service of Astana, express a high opinion for organization of the event and Department actions.

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