Validation of Volga-Dnepr airline was conducted at Astana airport

In accordance with the Resolution of European Commission of 25.08.2011 No. 859 / 2001, regulating aviation safety issues at the transportation of cargo into the territory of the EU from the territories of countries outside the European Union, the aeronautical authorities of the EU Member States imposed restrictions on the execution of such operations beginning from 01.07.2014.

The Resolution provides that all air carriers from countries outside the EU delivering cargo and mail in the EU should be required to conduct an audit (validation) of cargo and mail operations   in airports of countries from which cargo and mail sent to the EU airports.

From 14 to 15 May 2015 in Astana airport Mr. Axel Bonn independent auditor, accredited to the European Commission, had conducted validation. Test results will be sent to the European Commission to obtain the status of air carrier of cargo and mail to the EU from third countries. The airport secured admission to the territory and provided all the necessary information.

Airport Astana hopes to see Volga-Dnepr airline among regular customers of the capital airport.

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