Sanitary and anti-epidemic actions were conducted at Astana International airport

Today the situation on epidemiological diseases in the world remains difficult. For the corresponding response to the risks connected with this situation, on 13 May, 2015, Department for Consumer Right Protection in Transport together with the medical organizations of the city conducted exercises for interaction of the interested structures on the organization of sanitary and anti-epidemic actions in Astana International airport.

During exercises it were shown real skills of  the various services’ staff,  with application of the most modern means for identification, ensuring protection, transportation and the organization of the medical actions, possible patients  arrived by an air transport, and also localizations, processing and  disinfecting of contact territories. Services of the airport showed high skills on ensuring sanitary and anti-epidemic measures. Conducted exercises instill confidence, that at emergence of real threats, the relevant services of the capital airport will provide the high level of passengers’ safety.

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