Preparation of Astana airport to emergency situations

On 16 April  2015  meeting of the Commission  for Emergency Situations  on the company’s preparedness to flood situation, chaired by R.O Adimolda, the Deputy Chairman of the Board, was held  in  International Airport Astana JSC. Measures for readiness and enhancing the stability of operations, risks minimizing, protection of personnel and passengers at the threat or occurrence of natural and man-made disasters are a priority in the airport operations.

Complicated flood situation in some regions of the country, sudden warming, and raininess, rivers level rise, overflowing and flooding have contributed to  carrying out of the necessary preventive measures, actions plans adjustment, detailing of  response notification flow charts and  necessary  material and human resources, inspection  of the Services readiness to actions.

All these issues are the subject of the hearing and further consideration by the commission members – the Heads of the relevant Services. During this period, the airport carried out some work. Namely pumping station, drainage wells, open charge chutes, sewage channels were cleaned and brought to readiness. Emerging situation is daily observed. Cooperation with the DES and other authorized state bodies was established. Snow in the amount of 5 000 m3 was removed; meltwater in the amount of 24 thousand m3 was pumped. Necessary vehicles and equipment were brought to readiness. Sessions and briefings were conducted with the staff and the personnel of the units. The list and planned measures for acquisition of necessary materials and equipment was defined.

Conducted meeting of the Commission for Emergency Situations of the airport has shown a certain degree of readiness of the Operations Services, allowed to define and coordinate their efforts against threatened flood period.


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