Selection of official taxi at the airport of Astana

Announcement on the selection of “International Airport Astana”

(hereinafter – Company) official carrier of airport Astana passengers


  1. There are following requirements for applicants of official carrier of the passengers of the airport Astana:

1) compliance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of road transport;

2) the existence of a valid contract for the provision of services for the passengers and luggage transportation, taxi in the capital concluded with the transport authority of the capital;

3) legal capacity. This requirement is supported by:

- Notarized copy of certificate of state registration (re-registration) of the legal entity or an individual entrepreneur or a certificate of state registration of legal entity or a statement of the applicant, containing a link to the official online source of state authority that issued the certificate, using electronic registration system;

4) be solvent. This requirement is supported by:

- certificate of the bank or branch of the bank with the signature and seal, where  applicant is served on the absence of arrears on all types of obligations, lasting more than three months preceding the date of issuance of certificate, to the bank or bank branch under the Standard chart of accounts  in banks and mortgage companies (in the case if the applicant is a client of several second-tier banks or branches, as well as foreign bank, this information is represented by each of these banks). The certificate must be issued not earlier than the date of posting on the Company website announcement about the carrier;

- certificate of prescribed form of the relevant tax authority about absence of tax debts and arrears of pension contributions, mandatory occupational pension contributions and social contributions by more than three months (except in cases where the deadline for payment is deferred in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan), or the presence of tax arrears and arrears of pension contributions, mandatory occupational pension contributions and social deductions less than one tenge issued not earlier than the date of posting on the Company website announcement about the carrier;

5) not be beyond  to subject of bankruptcy or liquidation. In order to clarify compliance with the requirements of applicants in terms of their non-participation in bankruptcy or liquidation the Expert Commission considers the information posted on the website of the authorized body responsible for supervising the procedures of bankruptcy or liquidation;

6) not be held liable for any failure performing of  their obligations under the concluded in the past two years contracts for taxi services on the decision of the court, which entered into force. Information on the absence / presence of the responsibility for any failure performing of their obligations is the information posted on the website of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7) not consist in the Schedule of unreliable potential Holding suppliers and (or) in the register of unfair participants of public procurement. Under Holding means a series of “NWF” Samruk-Kazyna” (the Fund) and legal entities, fifty percent or more of voting shares (participation) which directly or indirectly owned by the Fund’s ownership or trust management;

8) to have experience in the market of rendering passenger taxi services at least one year. This requirement is confirmed by the corresponding originals or notarized copies of delivery notes, the acts confirming acceptance and transferring  of services, and also referral letters / with positive responses from the organizations -clients (the originals or copies certified by the organization  issued these letters / responses )   accepted passenger taxi  services from applicant  ;

9) to have  information and dispatching service or the running contract for   information and dispatching services;

10) to have production and technical facilities  in Astana  city  for basing, maintenance and repair of rolling stock (own and/or leased);

11) to use in work of navigation means  (GPS);

12) to have staff  in sufficient quantity  for  performing  consulting activities twenty-four hours  day  in the territory of the airport with knowledge of the State, the Russian and the English languages in the amount necessary for use in work.

  1. The official carrier shall provide process of professional passengers servicing, considering, but without being limited to the following:

1) to establish the information and consulting points arranged in a corporate style in specially taken away places;

2) to provide the round-the-clock functioning of information and consulting points;

3) if necessary to provide escort of passengers to rolling stock;

4) to provide availability at the airport at least ten cars providing complete satisfaction of passengers’ requirements in transportations, including disabled  passengers.

  1. Collection of bids from applicants – till March 26, 2015, on the weekdays from ‘09” hours “00”  min. to “17” hours  “00”  min., to the address: Astana, Airport, OPS-14 (staff), 308 office, ph.: +7(717)2 777-146.
  1. Consideration and summing up selection of applicants bids – from March 26, 2015 to April 8, 2015.
  1. The applicant can address to the contact person of the Company for receipt of necessary information for refining (explanation) of conditions of carrying out a selection of official carrier of passengers of Astana city airport.

The applicant incurs all expenses connected with preparation of the bid. The Company does not incur obligations on recovery of expense to the applicant.

  1. Incomplete submission of required information by the applicant or submission of false information, grants the right to the Company to deviate such bids.
  1. The conclusion of the contract with the winning bidder – within a week from the date of summing up of selection.