The airport of Astana prepares for New Year …

Only 7 days is left till New Year. The planet prepares for the holiday. And Astana airport  is not exception. The festive atmosphere and mood reign everywhere in the airport. One of the main attributes of the holidayis New Year Tree. It welcomes city visitors in landside in front of the new passenger terminal.

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One more New Year tree at its best with gifts and beautiful jewelry towers is in waiting hall on the first floor.

IMG_0498 IMG_0513

The passenger terminal is festively arranged by the shining garlands and bulbs, the poured different flowers.


New Year trees, spheres, snowflakes, garlands and festive installations successfully fitted into a terminal interior.


Air Astana airline, national air carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan,arranged installationon the second floor of Astana airport. It represents a corner with a New Year tree, a fireplace, a bench with small pillows. Everyone will be able to make a photo for memory. And on the eve of New Year photographing with professional photographer and instant printing of photos for passengers are planned. It will be carried out absolutely free of charge.

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Astana airport congratulates with coming New Year and wishes fulfillment of desires in New 2015!