Astana Airport celebrated the Day of Kazakhstan People’s Languages

Week devoted to Kazakhstan People’s Languages was conducted in the international airport of Astana according to action plan, approved by the Deputy Chairman of the Board,as part of XVI  national festival  ​​of Kazakhstan People’s Languages.

The week had begun in September 15, 2014 with the event “Memlekettіk tіlde soyleseyіk!” (Let’s speak state language).

 In September 16 Languages Development Service organized competition “Іс қағаздарын жүргізудің нағыз шебері” (Best recordkeeper) among employees responsible for record keeping in the structural units of the Company. Literacy and speed of  text translation in state languagewere taken into account. In total,  20 record keepers  participated  in the competition, each of them demonstrated  good translation skills.

Moreover, according to the approved plan in September 19, 2014 Ms. Kenzhe Zamzebay  Teacher  for State language held an open lesson “Қазақстан:кеше, бүгін және мемлекеттік тіл” (“Kazakhstan: yesterday,today and State language”) for managerial staff – heads of units and managing directors . The lesson was organized in the form of competition between the two groups. It was very interesting and informative.

Summarizing the results, it is planned to encourage the active participants, as well as employees having made a contribution into development of the State language and  its prestige.

IMG_9151 IMG_9170 фото неделя государственного языка 043