Mobile post at International Airport of Astana

Safety and security arrangement is the main task of aviation industry. Strengthening of measures to increase safety is the priority.

Bus – based mobile command post was first created in order to prepare the airport for elimination of emergency incidents.

Mobile command post is equipped by radio, telephone and fax, Internet, information displays and other means of communication needed to full-time job of staff for elimination of all emergency incidents.

Created mobile command post will allow the airline management staff and representatives of local and central operating agencies arrived according to plan of cooperation, to implement measures  responding to aviation and other incidents directly from the state of occurrence.

Due to mobile command post, incidents elimination will be conducted quickly and efficiently.

Mobile command post was presented to representatives of scheduled flights airlines and IATA.

At International Airport Astana is made every effort to ensure the safety and security arrangements of employees, passengers and infrastructure against natural and man-caused emergencies.

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