First flight from new terminal of Astana International airport heads to Moscow

The first plane to take off from the new international terminal of Astana Airport was a flight to Moscow. On Monday morning the new terminal of the airport was officially up and running with operations underway after many different kinds of testing and examinations.

The first passengers arrived to the new terminal at 13:20 when Aeroflot flight from Moscow landed at Astana Airport. And first take off, which marks the official opening of the new passenger building, was performed on the aircraft Airbus 320 at 14:15 on the regular scheduled flight from Astana to Moscow.

Moreover, later today flights to Tashkent and to Frankfurt are planned from the new terminal operated by Uzbek Airlines and Lufthansa.

“We all have been waiting for it and now we are launching our first flight from the new terminal!” – says Paolo Ricciotti, CEO of Astana International Airport. “We can be justly proud of the effort made by our team to complete this project in record time. This successful development of the airport is the big step to establish city of Astana as the main connecting point between cities around the world – hub of Central Asia.”

Among the passengers who arrived on a flight Moscow-Astana the Shapovalov family from Berlin. The head of the family noted with satisfaction that they quickly passed passport control, received baggage in a matter of minutes.

Passenger Regina Chevalier does not hide her enthusiasm for the quality of service, comfort. “Personally, I liked everything here, the impressions are the most positive, and the new terminal meets all international standards,” she said.

The official part of the opening of the new passenger terminal were conducted a few days ago – on the 31st of May, with the participation of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbaev.

The construction of the new terminal of Astana airport lasted for two and a half years. 47 000 sq. meters of the terminal will increase airport’s capacity to 8,2 million passengers per year, which is more than 2,5 times greater than it was.

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