Cargo Terminal

Area of cargo apron is 8400m2, with coating toughness PCN 68. Total area of cargo terminal building is 2200m2, usable area is 1 401m2; height is 10,65m. Usable area consists of  following areas:

1. Storehouses of arrival and departure – at S-950m2 V=3 800m3;
2. Special storehouses – at S=82,4m2 V=346m3;
3. Refrigerated storage – at S=106,8m2 V=342m3;
4. Office premises – S=261,7m2
5. Area under awnings makes – at S=1064m2 V=7100m3;

Special warehouses consist of premises for storage of dangerous goods –  11m2 and storages for especially valuable and perishable cargoes and cargo-200 – S=48 m2.

The cargo terminal accepts for storage, the following classes of dangerous cargo:

- Class 4 – no more than 1 ton.

- Class 8 – no more than 2 tons.

- Class 9 – no more than 2 tons.

OOther classes of dangerous cargo are not subject for placement and storage, and must either be handed out without placement in a warehouse, at registration of the relevant documents.

Before sending dangerous cargo to the warehouse of IAA JSC it is necessary to agree a possibility of accepting this cargo with destination airport.

*SSending the dangerous, special goods, requiring the special storage temperature mode, it’s necessary to confirm it with Astana airport, with the indication of the weight, size and storage temperature.

Carrying capacity of the terminal makes 600 tons of a cargo per day, the cargo apron can simultaneously accept four AC of Boeing-747.


– reloaders (loading elevators) (7-30 tons) – 5units

– automatic loaders  (3-10 tons) – 2 units.

– load trolleys  – 15 tons – 5 units

– load trolleys – 7 tons – 35 units

– baggage trolleys (up to 1,8 tons) – 35 units

– electric loaders (electric lift trucks) (to 2 tons) -2 units

– belt loaders – 4 units

cargo terminal

cargo terminal  insidecargo terminal