Meeting of Nur Otan PPO was held at Astana airport

In October 27, 2016 in the capital’s airport, report-election meeting of “Nur Otan” primary Party organization. The meeting was attended by: EdilKulamkadyrovich Mamytbekov – First Deputy Chairman of Astana city branch of the party “Nur Otan”, Ahmet Magzumovich Seitov – First Deputy Chairman of Esil district branch of the party “Nur Otan”, Khanzada Zhappasovna Baltaeva- a member of the Political Council of the party “Nur Otan”.
The primary organization of JSC “International Airport Astana” was formed in January 2009 and today has in its ranks the 548 Party members. At the meeting 5 employees became new members of Nur Otan party .
Chairman of the primary party organization of “Nur Otan” JSC “International Airport Astana” – Managing Director of Operations -G.K.Tazhimuratov noted that: “The number of members of the party” Nur Otan”, constantly replenished from among the employees of our air enterprise, enabling employees contribute to the development of political life.”

The meeting was announced by present members of the party “Nur Otan” that 24.10.2016 years in the competition “Best PPO” Astana airport took 1st place in the city of Astana, which is an indicator of “Nur Otan” active work of the primary party organization.
For party members, GK Tazhimuratov presented a report on the work done, the results of which everyone can ask questions.
One of the important moments of the meeting was – election of the chairman, deputy chairman and members of the Bureau, the Chairman of “Zhas Otan” youth division, the Secretary PPO “Nur Otan” JSC “Astana International Airport” by voting. Based on the voting decisions: The Chairman of the OPS – G.K.Tazhimuratov, Deputy Chairman of the PPO – K.A.Ryspaev. Members of the Bureau: B.H.Abuova, R.E.Seytmaganbetova, GD Shamkenova, M.Zh.Baymbetov, Chairman of the “Zhas Otan” – G.Suleev, Secretary PPO – A.O.Nsanbaeva.
At the end of the meeting members of the party were solemnly handed over letters of thanks.