Astana Airport prepares to autumn-winter navigation of 2016-2017

From 30 October, 2016 Astana International Airport prepares to the autumn-winter navigation. This means that all the Airport Services prepare to transfer to autumn and winter schedule. Preparation consists of  carrying out a whole range of activities, starting  1.5-2 months before autumn and winter navigation. Particular attention is paid to the special technique, mechanization, and maintenance of airdrome and  runway, stock up  of the necessary means to maintain its airworthiness at low temperatures and poor visibility.

To achieve the high level organization of flight operations in the navigating process , the airport purchased sufficient number of reactants , anti/de-icing fluid.

In order to ensure the safety and regularity of flights, planned activities on preparation for the autumn-winter period of 2016- 2017 are carried out in Astana International Airport. Action Plan for preparation for the autumn-winter navigation covers all airport subdivisions. Within this plan, annual inspection of ground special equipment for airdrome maintenance and aircraft handling was conducted. All transport units have been passed planned, seasonal types of maintenance and repair works.

In addition, regular maintenance of anti/deicing equipment was conducted. By the beginning of the winter season it was prepared 7 special vehicles for aircraft processing with anti/de-icing fluid needed for winter navigation season. In order to ensure flights safety patching of aerodrome pavement was made, marking of airfield and aircraft parking lots was updated.

In addition, to improve the comfort of passengers staying at the airport all the necessary measures to maintain the thermal regime in the passenger terminals and ensure the proper functioning of water supply systems were taken.

Much prominence is given to security issues.

Field working and training on  firefighting, search and rescue works were organized for the personnel of the fire-rescue  units.

After all conducted measures Airport can proudly announce its preparedness for the autumn-winter navigation.

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