Оpen auction for the sale of special equipment

JSC “International Airport Astana” announces an open auction for the sale of special equipment, which will be held on June 15, 2017 at 11.00 hours at the address: Astana, Airport OPS-14, the building “Headquarters”.

The auction for the sale of property rights is issued according to the English method of bidding:
Lot Type and make of special machinery Year of construction Starting price,
1. TUG ML 2003 381 655.00
2. TKW-63 1981 1 437 332.00
3. Transition from the airport to airplanes (gangway) No. 9 2005 8 806 664.00

Applications are accepted from the date of publication of the information message and end on June 15, 2017. At 10.00 hours.
Guarantee fee in the amount of 150 000 (One hundred and fifty thousand) tenge is paid to the settlement account of JSC “International Airport Astana” KZ 719 470 398 990 408 526, BIC ALFAKZKA, in the branch of JSC “Alfa Bank” Astana, BIN 030 340 001 539, KBE-16, as well as to the airport cashier at the address: Astana, OPS-14, the building “Headquarters”.
To register as an auction participant, you must provide:
– an application for participation in the auction;
– passport or identity card – for individuals (copy and original);
– notarized copies of constituent and registration documents – for legal entities;
– power of attorney for a representative to participate in the auction;
– a document confirming payment of the guarantee fee (copy and original);
– joint-stock companies additionally submit an extract from the register of shareholders containing information on the share of the state in the authorized capital, on joint-stock companies that own their shares (at the time of publication of the information message).
Foreign legal entities provide constituent documents with a notarized translation into Russian.
The place of bidding and acceptance of applications for participation in the auction: Astana city, OPS-14 Airport, “Headquarters” building