The main task of the Human Resource Management Department of International Airport Astana JSC is development and strengthening of human capacity. We will be glad to see highly-qualified and competent specialists with experience. Send your CV on e-mail: If vacancies are available the responsible employee will be in touch with you.

Station attendant
• Secondary special technical education
• Experience of at least 3 years in the field of civil aviation
• Fluent Kazakh and Russian (English is welcome) .
Functional duties:
• To organize work on improvement, cleaning of adjacent territories, landside, including the central gallery.
• To help passengers to orientate in terminal to give required oral information.
• Toprovide support and assistance to disabled, sick, elderly passengers and passengers with children.
• To monitor the life support systems of the airport complex, and to take measures for the maintenance of life support systems in good working order.
• To keep records on the collection and of luggage carts.
• To keep in good repair furniture, luggage carts, in the case of damage to give to MD (maintenance department) for repair.

Station worker
Qualification requerments:

– Secondary or specialized secondary education;
– Age not less than 18 years;
– No record of convictions.

– To clean the fixed territory and parking after and during the flights of arrival and departure;
– To carry out watering of flower beds and green plantations located in the territory of the terminal;
– To ensure safety of luggage carts and keep them in good working order.

Electrician 6th grade
– Secondary special (electrical) education,
– Knowledge of the basics of electronics, electrical engineering, electrical devices, electric motors, transformers, electric systems.
– Attentiveness, neatness.

Functional responsibilities:
Repair and maintenance of electrical systems, electrical equipment, electric motors, lighting and power networks, telecommunications, wired radio, air conditioning systems, ventilation and etc.

Мастер ремонтно-строительных работ
Квалификационные требования:
– высшее образование по строительной специальности и стаж работы на строительстве не менее 1 года или среднее специальное образование по строительству и стаж работы на строительстве не менее 3 лет.
– знание Автокад, вести делопроизводство, правила по технике безопасности и правила пожарной безопасности
– выдача строительного материала рабочим со склада,
– ведение учета расхода строительного материала,
– контроль качества выполнения и срок исполнения рабочими,
– контроль исполнения требований пожарной безопасности и техники безопасности рабочими и т.п.

Квалификационные требования
– к работе допускаются лица, достигшие 18 лет, признанные годными к данной работе медицинской комиссией.
– опыт работы на данной должности не менее 3 года.
– настил ламината и линолеума, левкас,
– ошкуривание, покраска, штукатурка,
– монтаж алюкобонда,
– наклеивание кафельной плитки,
– монтаж гипсокартона и т.п.

Квалификационные требования:
– лицо, достигшее 18 лет, признанные годными к данной работе медицинской комиссией,
– наличие действующего удостоверения сварщика с квалификацией не ниже 3-го разряда.
– опыт работы в данной профессии не менее 3 года.
– ремонт наземного оборудования (багажные тележки, стремянки, водила, колодки для воздушных судов),
– изготовление различного рода металлоконструкций и т.п.

Слесарь по ремонту оборудования
Квалификационные требования:
– лицо, достигшие 18 лет, признанные годными к данной работе медицинской комиссией.
– опыт работы на данной должности не менее 3 года.
– работы со сверлильным станком, компрессором, угловой шлифовальной машиной (болгарка),
– регулировка и замена дверных замков, навесов, дверных доводчиков, ремонт багажных телег и стремянок для воздушных судов.

Квалификационные требования
– лицо, достигшие 18 лет, признанные годными к данной работе медицинской комиссией.
– опыт работы на данной должности не менее 3 года.
– обработка и расточка различных материалов, в том числе нарезание резьбы,
калибровка и сверление.
– обработка на токарном станке с помощью режущих инструментов.

Standard Specialist (ground handling operation)
Competence requirements:
– Fluency in Russian, Kazakh and English languages
– Experience in aviation industry, knowledge of technological processes of passenger
service and aircraft on the apron.
– Ability to correctly express oneself on paper
Functional responsibilities:
– Development and systematization of standards for aircraft handling and passengers
– Development of technologies for the interaction between the departments and services
of the airport
– Issue papers on the changes and new technological processes

Aerodrome worker
Qualification requirements:
– Secondary education
Functional duties:
– Repair and maintenance of airfield elements, landside.
– To inform promptly shift foreman about finding fault of aerodrome machinery, equipment and artificial turf.

Duty Engineer Aerodrome Department
– Secondary professional education (road or airfield);
– Experience in the road or airfield service at least 3 years;
– Driving license category B,C;
– Knowledge of working with drawings and drawing programs AutoCAD (preferably).
– Language skills: Proficiency of state language, Russian and english is elementary level;
Functional duties:
– Execution of work on airfield maintenance, railway station square and other territories.
– Repair of pavements of the airfield and landside;
– To control observance of the traffic regulation of airfield machines and mechanisms in case of works on airfield territory;
– Timely preparation and verification of the brake carts;
– To coordinate with the head of flights, dispatcher “Tower” and the “taxing operation” and operation and dispatch service work time on a working part of the airfield planned for change.

Security Division Inspector
• Secondary education;
• Age not less than 20 years
• Language skills: the State language, English – elementary
• Proficiency certificate of private security firms employees.
Functional duties:
• Providing access control at checkpoints
• To secure aircraft and important objects with signaling means, fixed and mobile checkpoints, patrolling in accordance with the approved special order for guards and staff list
• To secure parked aircraft
• To control movement of people and vehicles in checkpoint

Cargo Service Loader
1. Education – secondary special
2. Language skills: State Language and Russian. English is desirable
3. Available – for health reasons to perform physical labor (the absence of disease of the spinal card, heart, eyes, ear, renal system, pressure).
– The timely work of baggage loading / unloading, cargo, mail service at aircraft handling
– Transportation of baggage, cargo, mail
– To carry out loading and unloading cargo, mail, store the goods in the cargo terminal on direction, to carry out their check weighing.

Inspector of Screening Subdivision
• Spoken Kazakh, Russian and English
• Communication skills, customer orientation
• Presentable appearance
Functional duties:
• To inspect sterile area and aircraft (if necessary) in order to detect prohibited hazardous articles and / or substances.
• To perform manual (personal) inspection of passengers, aircraft crew, carry-on baggage, baggage, cargo and mail in order to identify substances and items forbidden to be carried by air.
• To perform the operation to identify items and substances prohibited for carriage by civil aircraft at passengers and in their hand luggage.
• To prevent unlawful carriage of hazardous substances and items, as well as all kinds of drugs prohibited for passengers to carry at civil aircraft.

Tariff Economist
– Higher education (economic, financial, accounting)
– Experience: at similar positions at least 3 years
– Obligatory knowledge and skills: 1S.8, Microsoft package (Excel, PowerPoint)
– Personal qualities: communication skills, flexibility, ability to work with large amounts of information, leadership skills, stress resistance.
– Natural monopolies and regulated markets Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
– Tariff methods, including in the sphere of natural monopolies, civil aviation
– Preparation of reports for regulatory authorities for tariff setting and tariff protection;
– Interaction with all state bodies on tariff calculation, analysis, monitoring, etc .;
– Keeping records of expenditure and cost accounting;
– Collection and preparation of materials for the economic planning of enterprise;
– Preparation of calculations for economic standards, materials, labor and cost involved in the work of Enterprise.
– Preparation of calculations, calculation of costs, tariffs for services.
– Analysis of applied tariffs;
– Collection and processing of the necessary documents for calculation of tariffs and tariff estimates;
– Development and approval of normative – legal acts regulating the pricing and tariff policy in civil aviation;
– Development of internal documents, procedures, position on pricing in civil aviation;
– Preparation of letters, reports, presentations for management and public authorities.

Leading lawyer
Functional duties:
– The development and verification of contract drafts conformity with the law, taking measures for solving contract drafts differences, taking measures to ensure timely and proper conclusion of commercial contracts, usage of economic enforcement actions at non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under contracts;
– The representation of the Company’s interests in state bodies and other organizations at considering legal issues, during inspections conducted by state regulatory authorities;
– Pre-court settlement of contractual disputes;
– Development of the local legal acts regulating economic relations of the Company;
– Giving written and oral explanations, conclusions to structural divisions of the Company.
Requirements for the position:
– Law degree;
– Professional experience – at least 2 years;
– The English language proficiency;
– Excellent knowledge of civil, antitrust, administrative legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
– Preferred experience in organizations of natural monopolies, in the authorized body for natural monopolies issues.

Operating Engineer for buildings and facilities of the airport complex (hereinafter - AC)
Requirements for the position:
• Higher technical education, qualification- engineer, professional experience not less than 3 years;
Basic knowledge of the technical operation of buildings, knowledge of systems and operating principle of industrial buildings communications (water supply, sewerage, heating, electricity and other utilities ). Knowledge of the operating rules of lifting equipment.
Functional duties:
• To control over repair and construction of AC buildings by service organizations, as well as maintenance and repair works of AC equipment (elevators, escalators, baggage handling system).
• Technical inspection of buildings and equipment under control, in case of discrepancies to drew up and and approve acts and inspection results conclusions.
• Identify needs for small and large construction and repair work, to define and approve a list of supplies needed in the operation of AC buildings.
• Ensuring smooth functioning of the equipment, emergency response in case of a emergency stop of equipment, ensuring operational troubleshooting and running equipment.

• Higher IT education
• Experience of development on the NET Framework and C# platform; knowledge of MS SQL Server, T-SQL, the principles of creation of relational databases in practice;
• Ability to write difficult inquiries;
• Knowledge of the principles of work with XML documents in practice.

Experience, skills and abilities:
• Experience in configuring of 1C;
• Experience of technology use of Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ);
• Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript;
• Knowledge of bases administration MS Windows Server, IIS web server, experience of use of domain authorization in IS;
• Experience of development of web services.

• Development of a program code on the basis of complete specifications;
• Debugging of a code and error control in the developed program systems;
• Control and administration of standard and non-standard configurations;
• Drawing up instructions and technical documentation;
• Providing the reporting on the course of the performed work.

Senior Manager of Information and Communication Technologies Service
– Higher education in the field of information technology and business management, qualification obtained after graduation.
– Experience in the design and implementation of software for at least 5 years.
– Experience in the management of 3 years
– Knowledge of the English language at a level – upper-intermediate

– Understanding of the principles and methodology and software development
– The basics of electronic business and commerce
– The processes and principles of bank and international payment systems, revenue accounting.
– Knowledge of technologies and methods of promotion and optimization of sites for search engines and possession of instruments detailed tracking and analysis of traffic on the site and.
– Knowledge of developing multi-tier applications.
– Knowledge of databases, methodologies, implementation of business systems, tools and software development technologies.
– Knowledge of Windows operating systems and MS Office applications
– Knowledge of the architecture and functional business systems
– Knowledge of best practices in the provision of IT services
– Systems in the aviation industry is preferred

– Control over the implementation of software products and third-party integration with existing systems.
– Web site development.
– Negotiating with providers on the cost of purchasing software.
– Conduct an analysis of the current architecture of the software in the company and to offer plans for improvement.
Actively support the development of corporate and strategic business plan of the Department of Information Technology and e-business development.
– Preparation of strategic development plans and integration into the company’s development plan.