Structural Subdivisions

Marketing Department

Marketing Department attracts   air carriers, creates   close mutually benefit long-term relations with  corporate  customers, participators and  partners of the Airport, realizes marketing strategies and image policy of the Airport, and also executes   marketing communications and researches.


Operating and Dispatching  Service

Operating and Dispatching Service of Airport provides execution of air carriages plans and high regularity of aircraft dispatches independently of its belonging, manages and coordinates activity of the Airport’s services at aircraft handling, executes arrangement and improvement  of  information and inquiry provision process.


Security Service

Security Service provides total complex of preventive measures, rules and procedures producing security of civil aviation against unlawful interference acts, takes special measures   during period of raised threat or of force majeure, provides security of objects located at the Airport’s territory and   safe keeping of the Airport’s property and its fire fighting condition.


Examination service

In accordance with requirements of passenger air carriages   and of airlines,  making flights  to the  Airport of Astana city, all passengers, their hand luggage and baggage, transported in  aircraft cargo compartment, are subject to total-lot security control (examination) . All cargo, sent via cargo terminal, and all mail sending, handled at air carriages site, and in-flight food are also subject to examination. Security control is performed in specially equipped points. These points are equipped with modern technique, corresponding to the requirements of International Standards. Staff, executing security control, has experience in this sphere. Employees pass periodical trainings, and their knowledge is confirmed by certificates –permits.  Information on subjects and items, forbidden for air transportation, is given over loud-speaking communication during flights handling. All equipment is certified and safe for staff and passengers.


Procurement Management

Procurement Management executes state procurement of goods, works, and services for needs of the JSC “International Airport Astana”.


Fuel Farm

Fuel Farm provides without fail and timely aircraft with qualitative aviation petroleum oil lubricants (further-aviation POL), aviation oil and special liquids in accordance with normative and consumerrequirements.

The capital airport is equipped with centralized hydrant – fuel system, located in the underground pipeline (16 valve hatches), and hydrant proportioners (3 units) for supply with the first class aviation fuel. The name of aviation fuel used at Airport is TS-1 (РТ). There are 6 refueling trucks  with volume of 22,000 litres and one refueling  truck  with  volume of 60,000 litres The total amount of fuel tanks is equal 15,200 tons (3 tanks – 2,400 tons each and 4 tanks -2,000 tons each ). Filtration of fuel is carried out also at the Airport and there is a laboratory.


Heating & Sanitary Service

Heating & Sanitary Service produces and distributes heat, provides conditioning, water supply and drainage system to all buildings of the Airport. Three boilers, made in Turkey-Germany, with capacity of 11 kiloliter /hour each, were installed in boiler-house of the HSS. Cooling system consists of eight chillers, 55 air treatment devices and 70 split air-conditioners.


Airport Complex

Airport complex provides exploitation of its buildings and constructions in accordance with established operational rules and requirements of standard-technical documents. Airport complex also supports readiness of Airport complex, terminal and VIP building to AC handling and reception of passengers, baggage, mail and cargo.

Airport complex regulates system of communication with third-party organizations and advertisers, works with lessees for maximum use of commercial potential of Airport, controls quality of non-aviation services rendered to passengers.


Flights Safety Inspection

Flights Safety Inspection prevents air accidents and incidents with AC of Civil Aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, AC of the CIS and of  far abroad, handled by the Airport  with provision of flights safety.


Quality Management System Department

Quality Management System Department supports quality management system and employees professionalism,  guaranteeing  satisfaction of the Airport’s users, also Standards and Quality Implementation Department develops and supports Quality Management System in working condition  and constant improvement.


Construction Department

Construction Department executes construction and overhaul works, current repair of constructions and buildings of the Airport.


Administrative Office

Administrative office provides full and timely registration, control, execution and  keeping  of unclassified . internal and external  documents


Labour Protection Service

Labour Protection Service on behalf of the Employer it carries out the internal control over development and performance of preventive actions on creation of safe and healthy working conditions at manufacture, on prevention of an industrial traumatism and occupational diseases in structural subdivisions of the Airport, and also  over performance of obligations of the employer in the field of safety and a labour  protection according to the collective agreement.


Standardization and Metrology Department

Standardization and Metrology Department controls and regulates structural subdivisions of the Airport under metrology provision.

Ecological control department

Ecological control department carries out operational control over environmental protection in accordance with Republic of Kazakhstan legislation on environment protection. The main aim of the department is to define the impact of the Astana Airport activity on the environment, moreover, to take actions for eliminate revealed violations of the environmental legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Headquarter of the Civil Defense and Emergency

Headquarter of Civil Defense and Emergency is the permanent acting management body for caution and emergency response and civil defense. The department performs planning and realization measures in accordance with the rules and regulations of personnel protection and the enterprise objects with the threat or emergency situations of natural and man-made, and in a special period.